Pain in upper achilles tendon
Achilles Tendon Pain: Most Common Cause & How To Treat It?
It can be disempowering going throughout the day with pain in the Achilles tendon not knowing what is the cause and you can treat it. I understand that it may even be concerning, as the pain not only affects...
Plantar Fasciitis: What is it? & How To Treat It?
Are you experiencing pain at the base of your foot or heel and do not know the reason why? You just may be suffering from plantar fasciitis. But what is plantar fasciitis and how can you treat it? You...
Pinched human sciatic nerve, anatomical vision. 3D Render
Sciatic Nerve Pain: Easy Ways to Ease The Pain
When experiencing pain down one leg or buttock it is quite common to associate it with sciatic nerve pain. But what is sciatica nerve and what causes the pain? What are the actual symptoms? The pain can...
Herniated Disc: What Causes It & How to Treat It?
Talking and listening about herniated discs can be quite challenging. Many of us have a big fear towards developing back problems associated with disc issues. That is totally understandable as you usually...
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