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If you want to improve your physical & mental health, find new tips and tricks for performing better in your work as well as everyday life, you came to the right place. Health Performance Guy is starting a blog for everybody which will consist of personal anecdotes and scientifically-based answers to all of your questions regarding health. I will as well provide you with tools and exercises which you may try out for reaching different goals of yours: pain relief, getting stronger, increasing mobility, improving well-being and sleep as well as general mental and physical performance

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About Me

My name is Milan Milosevic, your Health Performance Guy. I am a licensed physical therapist with a degree of Bachelor from one of the most prestigious medical institutes in the world Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden. I am also an FRC Mobility Specialist and am in process of getting my Masters Degree in Sports Science.

Through years of being involved in health, fitness, and performance I gathered knowledge as well as experience that I feel is important to share with all of you. Improving your mental and physical health is my goal!

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