Running Shoes: Best Running Shoes You Should Get Now

Lightweight, cushioning, support, and a comfortable fit are all qualities you know you want in a pair of running shoes. Of course, your experience with any running shoe throughout the many kilometers you’ll cover with it is its most significant factor. With that in mind, we all need a little bit of help when making important investments. For us running enthusiasts, running shoes are just that. Therefore I made this list of the best running shoes, in my opinion, that you should get now.

In this post we will go through 5 different types of running shoes: classic, cushioned, trail, stability and fast running shoes. When choosing between these shoes I took different aspects in consideration. Those aspects are material, fit and performance in correlation to the price. The more expensive a shoe is doesn’t always mean that it is better. Keep that in mind when choosing your next pair of running shoes.

Best Classic Running Shoes

When looking at classic shoes you may not always find the best shoes for your specific need, especially if you are an experienced runner. As the name says, these are classic shoes. They fit great for general population and perform good at multiple types of surface. Overall performance is there. Especially if you are a new runner, these shoes will be very beneficial for you.

Asics Gel-Kayano 28

One of Asics’ most well-known shoes, the Kayano has been a part of the company’s catalog for many years. It was created to provide support for overpronators, but many neutral runners choose it for its renowned comfort. FlyteFoam Blast cushioning for a responsive, comfortable ride has been introduced to the Kayano 28 along with a redesigned, low-profile heel clip for more support.

Additionally, the dual-density midsole and medial plate work together to prevent overpronation in your stride. Gel pods are still present beneath the heel and forefoot to provide you with additional shock absorption.

Saucony Triumph 19

The Triumph 19 rides light and springy despite being a technically heavy shoe, comparable to other high-end trainers like the Brooks Glycerin 19 and Altra Paradigm 6. The 17.’s Pwrrun+ midsole and top sole are what give it that energizing feeling. The brand’s Pwrrun+ foam is supportive for easy long runs and responsive during tempo runs and workouts. It is 28% lighter than the original Pwrrun.

Saucony altered the angle of the Triumph 18’s beveled heel and toe springs to provide a smooth heel-to-toe roll while maintaining a stable ride. The 19 maintains this geometry. The redesigned mono-mesh top in this upgrade is lighter and more breathable.

Best Cushioned Running Shoes

Hoka Bondi X

The Bondi, which is particularly soft and thick, is the shoe most commonly associated with Hoka. While this often indicates how comfy the shoe is, it can also indicate how sluggish it is. Not in current X version, surprisingly. By incorporating a carbon-fiber plate into the compression-molded EVA midsole, which is identical to the foam used in the Carbon X and Rocket X, Hoka enhanced the Bondi (shoes for the PR-minded).

Although the carbon-fiber plate encourages a more forceful toe-off, it has a rockered sole like the original Bondi for a smooth heel-to-toe roll. Even though the sole still appears bulky, every component has a specific function.

Saucony Ride 15

This workhorse trainer can handle daily efforts and is suitable for a significant portion of beginning runners. It sports a reformulated Pwrrun midsole that is thicker—18% more foam underfoot—than the previous iteration, although not being as comfortable as Saucony’s Triumph. Despite having so much cushion, the shoe rides more comfortably and is lighter.

Saucony cranked up the back edge of the sole to give it a more prominent bevel, which let the Ride cruise more comfortably. When you land on the rear edge of your foot, you may avoid any slapping by doing that. Despite being “on the softer side,” as one tester put it, the shoe was responsive and pulled the wearer forward with each stride.

Shoes For Fast Runners

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2

The carbon-fiber-plated Saucony racer’s second edition still provides what its rivals lack. For instance: The single-layered synthetic mesh top is thin and cloth-like, gently encasing the foot. When you are six kilometers into a marathon, it doesn’t get too hot as Nike’s Vaporweave does. And compared to Brooks’s unisex Hyperion Elite, which women found to have a slack collar and heel—a frequent issue for women running in unisex shoes—it has a more secure ankle fit.

Although the 2 has an even more snug fit and greater support around the heel, runners with weak ankles could still feel unsteady when cutting corners. Additionally, the new closure mechanism features strategically positioned elastic bands to stop the tongue from shifting.

Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2

In order to reduce the weight of a shoe by two to three ounces, Flow is a foam composite so strong that it does not require an outsole. Although some runners worry that their soles won’t stay in contact with the ground without rubber, we experienced no durability issues.

One tester described the traction of the Flow Velociti Wind as “excellent” in one word. Although they do catch some small stones, the gripping forms carved into the foam that bite into anything you run over deserve credit.

The replacement of the one-piece tongue from the original Velociti Wind, which tended to bunch up after tying, is a nice upgrade. If you can get beyond the garish colors on the top, Velocity Wind is a rather minimalist sneaker. Runners with wide feet might wish to size up.

Shoes With Stability In Focus

Altra Paradigm

Because the Paradigm 6 is so versatile, you could use it every day or save Altra’s plushest trainer for easy runs and recovery days. The Ego Max midsole from Altra is a highlight of the 6, and it increases the energy return from the shoe’s substantial, firm cushioning. The redesigned Ego Max midsole ,with small adjustments especially at the sole of the shoe, make these Paradigm more responsive.

The Paradigm is a great option for runners who want to test a zero-drop shoe but still want some added comfort. That is possible because of its high stack and guide-rail system, which give great support.

But if I was you I would not be taking them to work every day. Even though they are that comfortable, this shoe is a big and important investment.

Best Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Sense Ride 4

Salomon didn’t make any changes to the previous iteration of the Sense Ride, which was wonderfully cozy, trustworthy, and robust for regular trail running and competition. The 4 has undergone several updates, most of which focus on the upper’s fit and comfort as well as some weight reduction. One of the best quality of this shoe is the traction. It has 4mm diamond-shaped lugs made out of sticky rubber insuring secure absorption at the soft soil and controlled, stable and explosive step off at both wet and dry ground.

Although there is greater protection over the toes than in the previous model, the upper still uses few overlays and stitches to minimize the possibility of hot spots.

Salomon enthusiasts adore the tongue’s sleeve-like shape, which wraps over the midfoot of the soft mesh upper. The upper section of the heel has less cloth, yet cushioned pods secure your foot in place and prevent unintentional slipping.

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